TOP 10

  1. The Cathedral – 15min walk
  2. The beautiful city squares: Quattro Canti, Piazza Pretoria e Piazza Bellini – 10min walk
  3. Massimo Theater the Opera House – 15min walk
  4. The Royal Palace and the Palatine Chapel – 20min walk
  5. Cappuccini Catacombs – 30min walk
  6. Monreale Cathedral – 45min by bus n389
  7. Farmers’ Markets Ballarò, Capo & Vucciria
  8. Botanical Garden – 10min walk
  9. Butera Palace – 5min walk
  10. Mondello Beach – 30min by bus n806


  1. The Cathedral
  2. Basilica di San Francesco d’Assisi
  3. Casa Professa
  4. San Giuseppe dei Teatini
  5. La Martorana
  6. Cappella Palatina
  7. Santa Caterina
  8. Lo Spasimo
  9. San Giovanni degli Eremiti
  10. San Domenico
  11. La Catena
  12. La Gancia
  13. Santa Teresa alla Kalsa
  14. Santuario Santa Rosalia
  15. San Giovanni degli Eremiti


  1. Santa Cita
  2. San Lorenzo
  3. Oratorio dei Bianchi
  4. Oratorio dell’Immacolatella

Museums e Palaces:

  1. Palazzo Butera
  2. Palazzo Abatellis
  3. Palazzo Mirto
  4. Museo Archeologico Salinas
  5. GAM
  6. Museo delle maioliche Stanze al genio
  7. Zisa
  8. Palazzo Riso
  9. Palzzo Branciforte
  10. Fondazione Sant’Elia
  11. Palazzo Ajutamicristo
  12. Palazzina Cinese

Where to eat

  • Quattro Mani (10% discount as our guests)
  • La Cambusa (10% discount as our guests)
  • Premiata Enoteca Butticè
  • Sardinia Pasta Bar
  • Nova (10% discount as our guests)

Happy Hour:

  • Seven (rooftop)
  • Le Terrazze del Sole (rooftop)
  • Nautoscopio (sea view)
  • Calamida (sea view)
  • Farmacia Alcolica (city center)

Day trip from Palermo:

  • Monreale – bus 389 from Piazza Indipendenza
  • Cefalù – train from the Central Station
  • Mondello – bus 806 from Piazza Croci
  • Mount Pellegrino & Saint Rosalia Sanctuary – by taxi 30€ approx
  • Capogallo & the Hermit’s lighthouse – by raxi 30€ approx
  • Scopello & Zingaro Natural Reserve – by car 50-60min
  • Temples Valley in Agrigento – by car 1h30

Top instagrammable spots:

  • Ancient Trees in Piazza Marina
  • Vicolo Brugnò
  • Terrazze del Sole
  • Terrazza di Santa Caterina
  • Mondello
  • La Cala
  • Ballarò Market – streetfood & steetart
  • Casa Professa
  • San Giovanni degli Eremiti

Anti-mafia tour:

  • San Domenico – Judge Falcone’s grave
  • La Cala – murales dedicated to Judges Falcone e Borsellino
  • Falcone Tree
  • CIDMA in Corleone – Museum of Mafia History
  • Casa Memoria Felicia e Peppino Impastato in Cinisi

3 Self-Guided Walking tours


From the B&B, walk along Corso Vittorio Emanuele. At the second crossroad you will find yourself at Quattro Canti. A few steps from there, Pasticceria Costa is an essential pit stop to try the popular Sicilian cannoli. From here you can visit the church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini and then move to Piazza Pretoria with its magnificent fountain.

If you have enough time, stop for a visit to Santa Caterina whose view from the rooftops is priceless.

Continue on towards Piazza Bellini where the Church Martorana awaits you. It’s time for a coffee break at Stagnitta, a historic coffee shop in the heart of the city.

Returning to via Maqueda you will notice that the street names are written in several languages, a tangible sign of its multicultural past.

From Via del Ponticello, on the road that will take you to the famous Ballarò farmers’ market, you will find one of the jewels of Palermo: Casa Professa. Once you reach the market, have fun with street food and look for the street art hidden in the alleys. Experience the variety of goods on offer as well as the blend of cultures.

Once you’ve explored Ballarò, look for Vicolo Brugò which will give you a unique glimpse of the Cathedral of Palermo.

Remember that a visit to the Cathedral does not stop at its main facade. Take a 360° tour and you’ll discover traces of its Arab past.

La Kalsa

Our neighborhood is filled with art and history. Start with a walk in Piazza Marina and admire its centuries-old fig trees. Every Sunday it hosts the famous flee market.

A few steps from us is the wonderful Palazzo Mirto; treat yourself to a guided tour to discover the historic nobility of Palermo.

Continuing, you will find Piazza Magione with its Basilica and Lo Spasimo and eventually the Botanical Garden.

On your way back, we recomment a visit to Palazzo Abatellis and also Palazzo Butera, just recently renovated in all its splendor.

You can also take a stroll on the “mura delle cattive” and along the Cala, a tourist port from which you can admire the mural dedicated to the judges Falcone and Borsellino.

At sunset, go for a happy hour at the Nautoscopio – sea breeze and a superb view.

Just behind the B&B hides the majestic Basilica of San Francesco, as well as Oratorio San Lorenzo and via Paternostro with its boutiques of local artisans, perfect for a unique souvenir.

If you like exploring churches, here are some other gems: La Catena, La Gancia and Santa Teresa alla Kalsa.

Do not miss our local street food with Franco u Vastiddaro, the Antica Focacceria San Francesco and Porta Carbone. Try sandwich with panelle and crocchè and for the more daring “panino con la milza” spleen sandwich.

Markets, Opera and much more

Let’s start from the beating heart of Capo market, one of the three historic farmers’ markets of the city. Early in the morning you will find fresh fish vendors and the typical smell of street food.

Stop by the Bistrot Le Angeliche for a coffee and a slice of cake before continuing on to the next stop.

Teatro Massimo is the Opera House, one of the largest in Europe, it’s third in order of architectural magnitude after the Opéra National in Paris and the Staatsoper in Vienna. You can visit it or book tickets for operas and ballets to enjoy it as a spectator and not just as a tourist.

Continue towards Piazza Olivella and the Salinas Archaeological Museum for a dive into the past.

Following via Bara all’Olivella you will find yourself in Palazzo Branciforte, a beautiful museum with an adjoining restaurant.

A stone’s throw from here you will find the superb Oratory of Santa Cita. You are a 5-minute walk away from the entrance to Vucciria market on Piazza San Domenico, whose church houses the tomb of Judge Falcone. Explore the market and enjoy its street food, as well as the graffiti it is covered with and stop for an aperitif/dinner… La Vucciria is renowned for its nightlife!